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Insurance Agent Tips For Sales & Marketing: 7 Things To Implement Now

Insurance Agent Tips For Sales And Marketing

When you’re just starting out in the insurance industry, you’re not looking for insurance agent tips that might work—you’ve invested time and money in building your business, and the methods you use to sell need to get results (preferably quickly!). At EverQuote, we’ve partnered with hundreds of producers and agents who have successfully built books of business—so we asked them for their top marketing and sales tips. Take a look at some of their ideas below. Which of these suggestions can you implement today?

1. Call and text right away.

Speed matters—your consumers want instant gratification. When you get a lead, referral, or a prospect, you should call, email, or text them right away. Even waiting 15 minutes can significantly decrease your chances of writing a policy. (This is also why we suggest not preparing a quote before you call a prospect.)

2. Diversify your lead generation efforts.

The most valuable tips for insurance agents revolve around how they find growth opportunities. One thing successful agents don’t do is rely exclusively on leads, referrals, or networking within their natural market. They know there are a finite number of leads, and you will eventually limit your opportunity if you don’t seek out leads from other avenues. DIY online lead generation as well as partnering with a lead generation company are two common options for agents looking to find leads online. If you’re interested in going this route (and you should be!) you can learn more about finding a reputable lead generation company here.

3. Provide value before you try to sell.

Remember that value drives referrals—if you're delivering value, you've earned the right for introductions.  If not, don't ask. In every conversation you initiate, you should be thinking about the mindset of the prospect and putting yourself in their shoes. Listen to their needs and pain points, and then identify what it is you can do for them that will improve their life or protect their livelihood. This leads to my next point...

4. Put your clients first.

It sounds simplistic, but revenue follows when you do the right thing. Most insurance agents are paid by commission, which makes it tempting to think of making a sale to achieve a commission as the only goal—even if the product a prospect already has is the best one for him or her. However, agents who think of themselves first will not last! Those who do best by the prospects they’re meeting with—which sometimes means recommending a client keep the policy he or she already has—may generate no commission in the short term, but will generate goodwill in the long run. This strategy builds trust and solidifies your good reputation, so that when clients do need a new or different policy (or know someone who does) you will be at the top of the list.  

5. Set SMART goals for your practice.

When I think of new insurance agent tips, casting a vision for your agency for the next one, three, and five years is crucial to success (and is something I wish I had known when I started out.) This tactic is not only a good idea, but an absolute necessity.`

Imagine trying to get to a new location without a map or GPS. You would take longer to arrive—and probably be more frustrated—if you ever arrived to your destination at all. Yet, some agents still try to aim for success without having a roadmap—a framework for setting and benchmarking their goals.

SMART—Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Bound—goals are the most effective form of this kind of goal-setting. You can learn more about the process of setting SMART goals and how to benchmark your progress toward them in this article.

6. Measure and monitor your activity.

Prospecting is a numbers game, so activity matters. In order to be successful, you need to measure, monitor, and execute well. Ultimately, your success is a function of how many people you talk to who are qualified; what you control is how many times you make an outbound phone call, connect to a prospect on LinkedIn, or ask for a referral. These key activities convert into new clients and more business.

7. Implement repeatable processes (and follow them consistently).

Don't just “wing it.” Have a consistent approach to everything you and your producers do in terms of sales, marketing and client service. Agents who learn and follow best practices have a greater likelihood of business growth.

Bonus Tip: Find Partners Who Will Boost Your Marketing & Sales Knowledge

In addition to heeding these insurance agent tips for your marketing and sales, you must make sure to sell to the right audience. That’s where finding quality leads comes in. At EverQuote, we can kickstart your growth process by giving you leads that fit your growth goals. Talk to us about what our leads can bring to your insurance agency today!

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