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See How EverQuote Helps This Top Agent Drive 8% Annual Growth On A $75 Million Book [VIDEO]

Founded in 1986 and now the largest insurance agency in the United States with their carrier, Ted Todd Insurance (TTI) is a giant in the industry. As a truly multi-generational agency, they've faced many challenges during their 3+ decades in the insurance business, but they've continued to adapt, adjust and succeed. Ted Todd Insurance has literally gone from a one man operation taking down prospects' info on a clipboard at a local Sears department store, to a 6+ location insurance empire with a $75 million book of business, dozens of awards and over 70 employees.

We spoke with Ted Todd Insurance CEO Charley Todd and COO Andrew Filar to learn more about the challenges their business has overcome to reach and maintain such an impressive level of success. As a multi-generational insurance business with over thirty years in the industry, their experience demonstrates just how crucial it is for contemporary insurance agencies to continually evolve with ever-changing consumer habits and preferences. By working with premier partners like EverQuote, TTI is able to stay ahead of the curve and connect with prospects and customers in ways that would've been unheard of thirty years ago, but that today are absolutely crucial to driving sustained growth. By being able to adjust and not simply sticking to what had worked before, Ted Todd Insurance continues to grow and thrive, embodying what it means to be a successful multi-generational insurance agency in 2019 and beyond.


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