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How Practicing for Meetings Gives Agents the Best Return on Insurance Leads


Nearly any insurance agent who’s been in business for an extended amount of time can tell you that new opportunities can be difficult to come by. So why don't producers properly prepare and practice for those oh-so-valuable prospect meetings? Founding partner and coach at Q4intelligence, Kevin Trokey, examines this question in this recent piece for Insurance Thought Leadership’s blog

As Kevin describes:

One of the biggest challenges for producers is keeping their pipeline full and healthy. The right new business opportunities, for most, are too difficult to come by. This only adds to my confusion when I see evidence of producers not properly preparing and practicing for those oh-so-valuable prospect meetings.

Those opportunities are valuable, but they also come with the great responsibility to show up prepared.

Practice and preparation are one of the most important, yet often overlooked aspects of working insurance leads. Whether you’re paying an insurance lead vendor, investing in other forms of insurance marketing or generating your own leads, agents spend thousands of dollars to develop meetings and pipeline – why not make sure you and your team are 100% prepared to make the most of those opportunities? 

To learn more about the importance of meeting preparation, check out the full post here: https://www.insurancethoughtleadership.com/agent-broker/agents-must-practice-and-prepare

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