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Pivoting to Life, Health and Benefits: Why It's Worth It for P&C Agents


Analyzing data and interpreting metrics are important tasks for any insurance agency. In this recent article, author Paul Buse sets up a useful metaphor for pivoting from P&C to life, health and benefits. He compares pivoting from P&C products to life, health, etc. to "going left" when driving to the hoop in basketball. Pivoting can give you an advantage in an ever-competitive (and often price-driven) property and casualty world. With an eye on P&C-focused agents, Buse walks us through ways agents can more easily measure the upside of cross-selling and utilize data to truly understand how valuable this pivot can be. With helpful graphs, visualizations, and analogies, Buse shows how "you can now better assess the upside of a pivot to life and benefits" and better serve you clients with a deeper understanding of the insurance industry. 

To read Buse's take on pivoting to life, health and benefits, including statistics, graphs, and more, check out the full article here: https://www.iamagazine.com/viewpoints/pivoting-to-life-health-and-benefits-is-it-worth-it 

To learn more, read the entire article here from Paul Buse: https://www.iamagazine.com/viewpoints/pivoting-to-life-health-and-benefits-is-it-worth-it

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