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Looking Forward: P&C Insurance Industry Trends


Right now we're in the midst of a massive ongoing transformation of the insurance industry - particularly when it comes to property and casualty insurance. One of the main elements driving that transformation is technology. With everything from AI and machine learning to the continued digitization of the customer experience, technological advancements and developments are having a massive impact on how both agents and insurance customers do business. In addition, we've seen significant shifts in market conditions (particularly when it comes to P&C insurance) and in the risk landscape for insurers, with companies needing to make major adjustments or simply pulling out of certain markets (just look to the home insurance market in Florida as an illustrative example).

For insurance agents working in the P&C space, "keeping your finger on the pulse of trends is not just advisable; it’s imperative." This recent article published on the EnsuredMine blog provides a "deep dive into these insurance industry trends, unraveling their significance, and uncovering how players... are poised to reshape the industry landscape."

Check out the full article here: https://www.insuredmine.com/insurance-industry-trends/

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