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How This Top Insurance Agent Drove in $8.5 Million in New Business Premium Last Year [VIDEO]


John & Kristin Pavle EverQuote Testimonial from EverQuote Pro on Vimeo.

If you were looking for the someone who would represent the dictionary definition of a successful captive insurance agent, Allstate agents John and Kristin Pavle would be a near perfect examples. With six offices – all scratch agencies – eighteen producers, a plethora of awards won year after year (from Honor Ring, Inner Circle Elite, Leader's Forum, Circle of Champions, to National Conference) and over twelve years cumulatively as agents, John and Kristin Pavle have reached a level of success that thousands of other agents are diligently working towards.

We spoke with John and Kristin to learn more about what their journey has entailed and how the right partnerships can be crucial to putting your agency on the path to sustained growth.


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