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See How This Top Independent Insurance Agency Wrote Over $2 Million In The First Year [VIDEO]


Nick Mathews EverQuote Testimonial from EverQuote Pro on Vimeo.

After co-founding Nations Choice Insurance in 2017, independent agent Nick Mathews tried working with different lead vendors, but ran up against low contact rates, low bind rates, and companies more concerned with making a sale than building a partnership. This all changed when Nick connected with EverQuote. While other vendors refused to provide anything beyond the absolute minimum level of customer support, EverQuote took the time to work with Nick, examine his metrics, understand his business, and make strategic recommendations. During their first year working with EverQuote, Nick's agency hit the ground running and brought in over $2 million in new business. Working with EverQuote’s high quality leads and best-in-class service helped lead to 95% of his agency’s new business being sourced via EverQuote.

We spoke with Nick to learn more about the challenges he faced in reaching that impressive level of success so quickly, and how his experience demonstrates that the right partnerships can truly make or break a new insurance agency when it comes to driving the level of sustainable growth needed to thrive.

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About the Author Dennis Miller, Marketing Manager

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Dennis is currently the Marketing Manager for EverQuote's Agency business. He has been with the company since early 2017, but has worked in the tech space for nearly a decade. Dennis holds a BA from Vassar College and produces music in his free time.

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