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Map Out Your Clients - A Different View of Your Agency


With all of the new opportunities for consumer insights awarded to us by technology and data, insurance agents are able to learn more about their client base and connect with them. One one way of doing so is through client mapping. Mapping can help shed light on where you are writing your most business, where you might have better bundle rates, or which other carriers and agencies are competitive in that area.

Sam Nudelman of Firefly Agency, shares the benefits of mapping out your clients-whether you are writing nationally or locally- and helpful ways to do it. He also gives step-by-step instructions on how to create a new map. Read more about how mapping out your clients can benefit your agency and give some new perspectives here: https://www.agencynation.com/map-out-your-clients-a-different-view-of-your-agency/.

To learn more, read the entire article here from Sam Nudelman: https://www.agencynation.com/map-out-your-clients-a-different-view-of-your-agency/

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