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Live Transfer Leads For Insurance Agents

If you’re looking for a 100 percent contact rate for your agency’s inbound sales program, then consider EverQuote’s live transfer insurance leads. Also known as warm transfer insurance leads, live transfer leads remove the guesswork of dialing out to prospects and wondering if they’ll be on the line.

EverQuote’s live transfer leads are ideal for insurance agencies with aggressive sales goals, as well as for those looking for a partner to help them bring in leads—whether they’re behind in their sales goals; they don’t have comprehensive processes in place to work leads, or their staff just isn’t skilled at working leads that do come in.

EverQuote’s warm transfer leads typically bind at relatively high rates of 20 to 30 percent. To learn more about our live transfer leads for agents, simply fill out the form to the right—we’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours.

If you’d like to learn more about how EverQuote’s home and auto insurance live transfers work, keep reading.

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Live Transfer Leads For Insurance Agents

How Live Transfer Insurance Leads Work

EverQuote’s live (or warm) transfer leads simplify the insurance sales process by eliminating the variable of whether or not the prospect will answer the phone when you call. When you choose EverQuote’s live transfer leads, here’s what happens:

  1. First, tell us the type(s) of prospects you want to reach and your ideal customer based on their driving record, risk profile, age, and the zip-codes you’d like to target.

The difference between live transfer leads and regular internet leads is that, with live transfers, we can guarantee your contact rate.

2. A potential customer completes an online form requesting a quote for insurance.

  1. EverQuote qualifies each prospect, checking their information and responses and matching them to the specifications you’ve provided.
  1. We dial out to you with the potential customer on the phone in real time (the “live” part of “live transfer”), providing an opportunity for you to immediately answer their questions. Each lead is contacted from our U.S.-based, T.C.P.A-compliant call center before transferring the live prospect to you.
  1. Once you receive a call with a live prospect you have 120 seconds to ask qualifying questions and decide whether to keep or reject the lead.

Normal internet leads have no guarantee that an agent or producer will be able to actually reach the prospect on the other end of the phone. However, with live transfer insurance leads, we can guarantee your contact rate.

Benefits of Live Transfer Insurance Leads

1. EverQuote warm transfer internet leads have a 100 percent contact rate.

That’s right, we guarantee you’ll have a chance to speak to every single prospect with whom we connect you. Because you can optimize your account with a range of filters, you are in control of the prospects you want to reach (of course, our CSMs will be happy to assist if you need help!).

2. Your bind rate is significantly higher with live transfers.

Since these prospects have intent to purchase insurance—as well as making a direct connection to your agency—your opportunity to convert them into policyholders is much higher than with regular internet leads. Overall, agents see average bind rates between 20–30% with EverQuote live transfers.

3. Schedule prospect calls to come in when you want (or need) them most.

You control the account, so you decide the frequency with which you receive live transfers. Customize a schedule to fit the needs of your agency and even pause calls when necessary.

What about pricing?

Live transfer leads pricing is based on the products you purchase. Since you are guaranteed an opportunity to have a conversation with live transfer leads, they are naturally more expensive than traditional internet leads—and that additional investment may lead to a significantly higher bind rate.

For this reason, choosing live transfer leads is the best option when you want to immediately connect with prospects on the phone—and when you want leads that close at a higher rate.

Learn More About EverQuote’s Live Transfer Leads

We’d love to walk you through our live transfer leads service and explain how it could help grow your insurance agency. Simply choose a time to meet on our calendar, and a member of the EverQuote sales team will be in touch with you soon.

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