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Learn How This Insurance Agent Tripled His Monthly Production With One New Product

Learn How This Insurance Agent Tripled His Monthly Production With One New Product

Growing Pains for a New Agent

Marc Fragos started his captive insurance agency in April 2020, right as the COVID pandemic was forcing businesses to change and adapt. Amidst these difficult circumstances, Marc initially struggled to find a winning strategy: “I started doing mailers, I started doing leads, I started warm transfers...it was not going well – we were spending a lot more money than we were bringing in.” In his search for a sustainable growth strategy, Marc even tried using a third-party call-center to work his leads, spending close to $4,000/month: “We hired a call center to help us make those prospecting calls….It was a catastrophe…. We had very poor results from hiring a very reputable company. We just didn’t get the results we were looking for.”

Lead Connection Service and AGP: A Winning Combination

Things started to turn around for Marc’s agency when he signed up for EverQuote's Accelerated Growth Program (AGP). With AGP, Marc began working closely with his dedicated EverQuote Business Consultant to optimize his account. As a result, Marc was also introduced to EverQuote’s new Lead Connection Service (LCS), where EverQuote’s top-notch telemarketing team works leads on his behalf, transferring the prospect when they are ready for a quote. With EverQuote handling the initial outreach and prospecting calls, Marc and his team have been freed up to focus on what they do best – selling insurance: “it’s given us time to do things like cross selling...as well as following up [on older leads]” Since starting with LCS, Marc has seen a 3X increase in new business premium and had his biggest month ever.

“Lead Connection Service is like having telemarketers inside your own facility...managed by folks who understand the process….The quality of the leads you’ve been transferring has been extremely high and it’s been very beneficial for us.”  – Marc Fragos, Insurance Agent

A Winning Insurance Sales Conversation Process in 8 Steps with Brooks Baltich

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Dennis is currently the Marketing Manager for EverQuote's Agency business. He has been with the company since early 2017, but has worked in the tech space for nearly a decade. Dennis holds a BA from Vassar College and produces music in his free time.

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