11 Experts List Their Top Insurance Marketing Ideas

11 Experts List Their Top Insurance Marketing Ideas

When it comes to marketing suggestions, are you more inclined to try what’s pitched as simply a “good idea,” or something that’s already been proven a “tried-and-true success”? If you’re like most agents, I bet you prefer tried, tested, and proven practices.

With that in mind, we polled several agents about their top insurance marketing ideas—all of which have produced solid results. Take a look at their responses below and see which ones you can implement immediately!

Provide useful information for potential customers online.

"Do content marketing, including publishing useful blog posts about a certain topic, such as life insurance for special needs children. People search for that topic, find my post, and ask for additional help in determining the best policy for their needs. Most people start their search online so by keeping my content fresh and useful, it helps people learn and provides a new prospect for my company."

Chris Abrams, founder at Abrams Insurance Solutions

"Generate leads through search engine optimization (SEO). This option is perfect for any agent just starting off who has a small budget (and probably another day job). Creating content around the product you offer and getting interested people to come to your page for free is always a great thing. You are able to control the narrative in regard to how you obtain your customers’ information and how you get them covered."

JC Matthews, Co-Founder at Simply Insurance

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"Regardless of which type of insurance an agent is selling, learning SEO is the most worthwhile investment of your time and resources. People who search on Google have made the choice on their own (that's key—nobody enticed them to start searching) to research the product or service that you provide.

There will be prospects in all stages of the buying process, but a lot of them will be very motivated and ready to purchase. Even those who aren't ready to pull the trigger today may be very close to buying in the near future. You'll find yourself spending almost all your time working with highly qualified prospects who will result in dollars now and within 30 days versus prospects who are just curious.

The second part of why SEO is so invaluable is because the leads are free! Once you've done the work, Google will organically display your listing(s) in its search results. Every click you get will cost you nothing. Almost every business has to manage the key metric that is Customer Acquisition Cost. With SEO having a zero for this figure, it's powerful beyond belief because it allows you to focus your dollars on so many other things."

Anthony Martin, Owner & CEO at Choice Mutual

"I do a lot of work with Medicare insurance policies, and there are big changes coming to some of these plans in 2020. By posting about those changes in detail early, when they were first announced, I am getting a lot of traffic to my website that is in turn generating inquiries."

Adam M. Hyers, President of Hyers and Associates Insurance Agency

"Market online using informational articles to help people answer their life insurance questions. Online marketing works well because publishing content establishes you as the authority on the subject matter, and the more serious prospects will preferentially want to work with you to help solve their life insurance needs."

David Duford, Final Expense Agent Mentor LLC at BuyLifeInsuranceForBurial.com

"It won't be easy, but the dividends to building an organic search presence will pay back in free, ongoing, warm leads coming to you for help. Studies show that an ever-increasing percentage of consumers prefer to research insurance online before talking to an agent. Get a slice of that pie."

Ty Stewart, Founder at Simple Life Insure

Stay in touch with your client base.

"I send birthday cards and welcome cards. I also keep in touch using emails that contain useful information on financial planning, long-term care, annual policy reviews, and other topics. This works because I keep my name in front of them for when an insurance or financial need comes up."

Chris Abrams, founder at Abrams Insurance Solutions

Invest in a decent CRM.

"Even the best agents don't close 100% of their leads because there are always going to be people that are not ready yet. Having a CRM that automatically emails past leads and reminds agents to make occasional calls can make a huge difference in business. I have received dozens (possibly into the hundreds now) of sales from past leads who contacted me from an automated CRM email months after I got the original lead."

Larry C. Medcalf, MedCard & Medcalf Advisors Inc.

Articulate what differentiates you from the pack.

"Agents need an articulated value proposition stating who they are, what they stand for, what approach they take, and what makes them unique. This value proposition should be used consistently on their websites, LinkedIn profiles, collateral material, and other social properties with a clear ask—this is who I am, this is what I offer and this is what I want to do: earn your business."

Perri Richman, Innovator and founder of Brand You: A Behavior-Based Personal Leader Branding Methodology

Use direct mail to find new prospects.

"Direct-mailing a list of new prospects works because it identifies people with a basic level of interest in the product I'm selling, which makes them more likely to agree to an appointment to discuss further."

David Duford, Final Expense Agent Mentor LLC at BuyLifeInsuranceForBurial.com

Cross-sell your existing clients.

"Contact clients who already have a life insurance policy with you to increase coverage or sell a new product policy. Reviewing appointments with your current clients works great because it's easier to sell someone who already knows, likes, and trusts you."

David Duford, Final Expense Agent Mentor LLC at BuyLifeInsuranceForBurial.com

Find a niche.

"Find out what insurance you are good at selling and then market, market, market! Finding a niche will help you become an expert, and you'll understand what customers want—and, more importantly, need. Plus, price won’t be an issue when you educate customers.

Then, build a website using the keyword or niche in the URL, name of the website, and content. You will get noticed by Google as the expert in your particular niche or market. Detailed website posts and articles on your area of expertise will make your website relevant to search engines when people are searching for your topic.

Finding one or two niches in the insurance industry that you can focus on will in turn lead you to the watering hole for those customers."

John Espenschied, Agency Principal at Insurance Brokers Group

Concentrate on a few prospects at a time.

"Rather than playing the numbers game, blanketing a large number of mortgage companies and hoping that some stick, we’ve implemented a plan to concentrate on just a few at a time. This allows us to become hyper-focused and form real relationships with them, which can pay off in spades.

Similar to other referral-centric industries, developing a pseudo-partnership with other companies can have exponential payoffs for an insurance agency. I’ve found this approach not only results in a much longer lasting relationship, but the loan officers and processors we work with begin to really buy in to our processes, culture, ethics, and so on. This gives them an enhanced level of exposure to our services, similarly to their clients, and they understand why it's in their best interest for their clients to work with us."

Brent Thurman, President at Keystone Insurance

Purchase live transfer leads.

"This is a great option because you get to see your marketing dollars in action immediately, 100% of the time. You are no longer hoping the leads you are paying for will get you on the phone with interested customers; you know for sure before the call is transferred to you that they will be interested. You also get the benefit of around 80% less prospecting, and you can focus much more on conversions."

JC Matthews, Co-Founder at Simply Insurance

What is your best insurance marketing idea?

This isn’t a comprehensive list! We’d love to know what insurance marketing ideas have given you the most ROI—we might even add your suggestion to an upcoming article with more tips. Just leave a comment below!

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