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8 Top Insurance Conferences In 2020

8 Top Insurance Conferences In 2020

As you look toward professional development in the new year, you may be wondering which insurance conferences you should attend. We’ve surveyed our team for the conferences and events they find most helpful, and we’ve rounded up their answers below. Take a look at their suggestions for which insurance conferences you should budget to attend in 2020 to improve your skill sets.

8 Top Insurance Conferences In 2020

1. Agency Sales Academy

Who it’s for: Agency owners focused on growth
When/where: 2020 dates and location to be determined

Agency Sales Academy website

The Agency Sales Academy insurance conference features top agents and industry experts in business growth. Insurance agency owners who attend will leave with specific systems and processes they can implement to grow their agencies. You’ll learn everything from daily best practices to tips on improving team productivity.

2. Craig Wiggins Coaching

Who it’s for: Agency owners and staff
When/where: February 20-21, 2020 in Orlando, Florida

Craig Wiggins Coaching website

The Craig Wiggins Coaching live event is one of our most-recommended sales-focused insurance conferences for 2020. Wiggins built one of the largest agencies in the country, with four locations in two states and over $35,000,000 in annual premiums from scratch. His slate of speakers will teach you everything you need to know about successful selling, and even provide hands-on sales training.

3. AllState Mega Agency Conference

Who it’s for: Allstate Agency owners who qualify to attend
When/where it is: 2020 date and location to be determined

This carrier-exclusive insurance conference requires agents to qualify to attend, but provides larger Allstate agencies with a range of top-notch speakers, panel discussions and events. If you are a mid-to-large Allstate agency, Mega is a can’t miss conference.

4. Allstate National Forum

Who it’s for: Agents who qualify
When/where: 2020 date and location to be determined

Historically in March, this insurance conference is for Allstate agents who qualify and occurs every other year. Attendees learn best practices from other leading agents; they also get the opportunity to experience new tech tools from vendors. For many Allstate agents, this is a considered a “must-attend” event.

5. Dig|In Conference

Who it’s for: Insurance carriers and agents, industry consultants
When/where: May 27-29, 2020 in Austin

Dig|In website

This innovative, industry-leading conference focuses on showcasing the best aspects of the digital future of insurance. It features industry disruptors as keynote speakers, professionals who are leading the way with digital strategy, and visionaries who are building the future of the industry. It is the largest technology conference geared toward the insurance industry.

6. LeadsCon & Connect To Convert

Who it’s for: Insurance carriers and agents, industry consultants
When/where: March 30-April 1, 2020 in Las Vegas (LeadsCon); September 16-18 in Boston (Connect To Convert)

LeadsCon website

LeadsCon Las Vegas and Connect To Convert are two of our most recommended insurance conferences to attend in 2020. For agents, owners, and teams interested in technology-based growth—and growth in general—either of these conferences will be very useful. Unlike other conferences on this list, these are not focused on sales-coaching, but you will learn tips and best practices from experts on using marketing and tech tools to grow your agency.

7. Regional Conferences

Who it’s for: Insurance agency owners, agents, producers, and teams
When/where: Dates and locations vary, but there is likely one near you!

Almost all carriers have regional insurance conferences in 2020 planned. These conferences often provide a think-tank type of environment that allows you to hear from agents in your area about the following:

  • What is working well for them and what isn’t
  • Marketing and sales training and best practices
  • Incentivizing producers
  • Technology and tools they’ve implemented

Regional conferences are recommended, especially if your team can’t attend larger insurance conferences in 2020.

8. Elevate Conference

Who it’s for: Agency owners
When/where: May 31-June 2, 2020, in Nashville, Tennessee

Elevate website

According to the event website, the Elevate conference brings agents, agency owners, carriers and the most indie-friendly insurtech companies together to “fuel the future of insurance.” The 2020 conference will feature keynotes from Jay Baer and Andrew Miller, and features breakout sessions focused on digital marketing success.

Why should you budget for an insurance conference in 2020?

  • Tickets aren’t really that expensive! Even if you can’t bring everyone on your team, it’s still beneficial for you to go.
  • Keynotes are fantastic and you can learn a ton. You can apply your new insights and immediately funnel growth from what you’ve learned. For example, one new agent we work with went to a conference and networked with another agent about incentivizing—they came home and implemented what they discussed, and saw a 180% productivity increase in the first week!
  • If you interact, learn, and network, your ROI will be significant. Yes, you’ll incur an upfront cost to attend, but lots of what you learn can be applied almost immediately. But you have to listen to keynotes and take full advantage of every opportunity to learn while you’re there. Be as involved as possible!

Come see EverQuote at the insurance conferences you attend!

Whatever insurance conferences you plan to attend in 2020, make sure to stop by and see us! We’d love to chat with our existing agents and meet new agents too.

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