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Insurance Agent Resources: 15+ Things To Make Your Job Easier

Insurance Agent Resources: 15+ Things To Make Your Job Easier | EverQuote

What are your biggest pain points as an insurance agent? Over the years, we’ve spoken with thousands of agents about what they find to be the most stressful, most difficult, and most challenging aspects of owning, running, and growing an insurance agency. Additionally, we’ve spoken to some of the most successful insurance agents about what they’ve found—tips, tricks, processes, advice—on their paths to becoming top agents.

We’re excited that all this invaluable knowledge we’ve learned from other agents across the country is now in one place—all of our insurance agent resources are available, absolutely free, on the EverQuote website. We’ve divided our insurance resources into four categories: sales, marketing, agency growth, and proof points (case studies and webinars).

15+ Must-Read Insurance Agent Resources On Sales, Marketing, Growth & Proofpoints

Insurance Sales Processes & Tips

A Winning Insurance Sales Conversation Process in 8 Steps: Learn the proven 8-step sales conversation process created by a powerhouse agent.

10 Things Every Agent Should Be Doing (But That Most Aren't) According to Top Agent Perry Olson: Take these 10 actions to help align your sales and agency management processes with what top insurance agents are already doing.

The Ultimate Insurance Text + Email Playbook: Most agents aren’t leveraging text and email messaging to their full potential—are you missing out, too?

EverQuote Pro – Sales Best Practices: Do you use EverQuote leads or warm transfers? Follow this guide to help align your sales processes with what the data shows are the most effective ways to work inbound insurance leads and warm transfer calls.

Achieving a 16% Bind Rate: How Mark Jameson Uses EverQuote Leads & Defined Sales Process for Continued Success: Follow the advice of a top insurance agent to learn how to pair EverQuote leads and a clear sales process to achieve a higher close rate.

4 Example Scripts To Help You Handle Consumer Objections: Understand how to address four common objections that agents face on insurance sales calls.

The Insurance Agent Sales Process Quick-Start Template: Need to improve your sales process, but don’t have time to reinvent the wheel? This proven sales template can help you get a successful process going today.

4 Strategies For Increasing Conversion: If it seems like your prospects drop off at an unusually high rate during the sales process, it’s time to work on your conversions. This eBook can help.

Marketing Processes & Tips

The Ultimate Social Media Playbook For Insurance Agents: Learn how to implement a proven, effective social media marketing strategy for your agency in this playbook.

Are You Being Misled About Insurance Leads?: Find out the pros and cons of using insurance lead providers and Marketplaces—and learn which is the right choice for you.

Insurance Agency Growth

Understanding Insurance Buyers: Learn data-backed tips, tricks, and best practices that can keep your agency ahead of the competition.

Insurance Agency Hiring: Top Agents Share 10 Tips for Hiring Successful Producers: Discover 10 best practices you can implement for hiring, training, and retaining top producers and staff.

5 Smart Ways To Set Up Your Auto Insurance Agency For Success: In this eBook, learn five actionable steps you can take to improve your insurance agency’s success.

Case Studies & Webinars

In addition to our ebook resources, we also have dozens of free case studies, videos and a library of webinars—insurance resources that prove the value of partnering with EverQuote as you follow best practices to grow your agency. Here is a selection of the agents and experts we’ve profiled:

  • Zach Vaswani: Learn how Lead Connection Service (LCS) helps agent Zach Vaswani generate $55,000/month and saves his team from making an additional 9,000+ calls/month.
  • David Stuart: Learn how EverQuote helped Independent Agent David Stuart grow his monthly premium by 535% with EverQuote's Accelerated Growth Program (AGP).
  • Marc Fragos: Learn how captive agent Marc Fragos was able to increase his average monthly new business premium by 300% with LCS.
  • Jim Judson: Learn how captive agent Jim Judson increased his average monthly new business premium by 33% with LCS.
  • Dustin Wadlow: Learn how new agent Dustin Wadlow went from $8,000 to $40,000/month in average premium with LCS in just a few months.
  • Chandler Hahn: Learn how top agent Chandler Hahn tripled his agency's size and drove 90% of his new business through EverQuote's best-in-class insurance leads.
  • Roger O'Connell: Learn how top agent Roger O'Connell leveraged EverQuote's best-in-class insurance leads and dedicated customer service to decrease his cost-per-bind by 40% and increase his bind rate by nearly 60%.
  • Matthew Golden Allstate: Learn how Allstate agent Matthew Golden increased his average quote & bind rates by over 50% partnering with EverQuote's AGP.
  • Sandra Cook Allstate: Learn how top Allstate agent Sandra Cook decreased her average cost-per-bind by over 60% using EverQuote's best-in-class insurance leads and working with her dedicated EverQuote Agency Business Consultant.
  • John Heep Farmers: Learn about top Farmers agent John Heep's experience with EverQuote's insurance lead offerings and how they helped him grow his scratch agency to nearly 5,000 policies in force by delivering high retaining multi-line business.

Insurance Resources At Your Fingertips

Chances are, if you’re looking for solutions to a specific challenge you or your team are facing, we’ve covered it in one of these resources or on the EverQuote Pro Blog. To make sure you never miss a new article, ebook, webinar, or case study, be sure to subscribe to our feed—we’ll send you new content throughout the month that you can actually use to improve your agency (and never spam you).


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