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How the Insurance Workplace Has Changed for Women

how the insurance workplace has changed for women

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to significantly affect our ways of life, especially regarding the workplace. With many industries, jobs, and employees shifting to the world of remote work, there are numerous implications regarding the effect on women both now and going forward. In a recent post on the Insurance Thought Leadership blog, Cindy De Armond, Managing Director and Property & Casualty insurance lead for Accenture in North America, shares key statistics on how this has impacted women in the insurance industry. De Armond shares research that concluded "45% of women in insurance feel they have lost opportunities to grow their careers during the pandemic. Similarly, 44% say the pandemic has adversely affected their career progression while 39% feel disconnected from or forgotten by their companies." 

While these numbers may seem bleak, the important takeaway is that there are key opportunities to improve the insurance workplace for women, as we start to move beyond the pandemic. This can start by improving employer-employee communication, implementing more flexible scheduling, or even adding different or extended paid leave options. De Armond closes by stating "What insurers and other financial institutions do next will have a major impact on the future of women in insurance, from entry-level workers all the way to the C-suite". Read more of these statistics and more on how the pandemic's lasting effects have changed the insurance workplace for women, along with strategies that you can implement at your insurance business:  https://www.insurancethoughtleadership.com/how-workplace-has-changed-for-women/ 

To learn more, read the entire article here from Cindy De Armond: https://www.insurancethoughtleadership.com/how-workplace-has-changed-for-women/

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