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How Do You Sell If No One Answers the Phone?


Outbound phone calls are an unavoidable fact of life for most insurance agencies. However, the average person typically receives numerous calls a day from unknown, 1-800, or spam numbers which often go ignored or blocked. So, with a consumer base that is more prone to not answer their phone, how can you as an agent get through to them to make a sale? Further, the insurance industry is one of the most susceptible when it comes to scam calls and misinformation.

Though these may seem like significant obstacles to overcome, VP of of Product Management for Neustar’s Trusted Call Solutions platform, Marybeth Degeorgis, has compiled a list of 5 strategies you can use to regain customer trust in voice communications, and ultimately help impact your company's bottom line. As Degeorgies states. "The ability of insurers to survive and thrive in the uncertain future will require the ability to adapt and to optimize their voice channel practices."

To learn these 5 strategies and how they can help your agency, read the full article here: https://www.insurancethoughtleadership.com/how-do-you-sell-if-no-one-answers-the-phone/

To learn more, read the entire article here fromMarybeth Degeorgis: https://www.insurancethoughtleadership.com/how-do-you-sell-if-no-one-answers-the-phone/

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Olivia is the current Content Marketing intern for EverQuote's Agency Business. She is working towards obtaining her BA in English and BS in Marketing from Clemson University.

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