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35 EverQuote Reviews From Our Partner Agents

35 EverQuote Reviews From Our Partner Agents

Insurance lead generation companies sometimes seem like they are a dime a dozen. But finding a lead generation partner that actually gives you a return on investment takes a little digging—and without actually trying a lead company yourself, it can be difficult to tell which category it falls under – “vendor” or “partner.” It’s comforting to hear from other agents who work with and get results from lead generation partners they trust and recommend. (Tweet this!)

The EverQuote reviews below are from real agents who, like you, wanted to grow their businesses and partnered with us to help them move the needle. Take a look at their testimonials to get a better idea whether EverQuote will align with your agency’s use case.

EverQuote Reviews From Our Partners

“No other lead companies compare with EverQuote.”

"I have tried five other lead companies, and none of them compare with EverQuote. Their leads close at a higher rate than any other vendor I worked with. Their customer support team also sets them apart in that they are extremely helpful and able to answer my emails and calls right away." —Brittany D., Georgia

“EverQuote helped me reach a point where, in my first year, I was the fastest growing new agent, and we were also #14 in the U.S. for new agents.”

“My lead vendor of choice is definitely EverQuote. Why? Because the consistency of the product they deliver hasn't changed, and I can't say that about other vendors (and I've tried all the vendors). One of the things that's made me stick with EverQuote is the high-intent shoppers—the people I get on the phone have actually requested a quote. EverQuote sells to a maximum of only three people, which is a big deal for me." —Chandler H., North Carolina

“My retention rate with policies has gone from 40% to 65% in less than a year.”

“EverQuote’s leads have the highest quality of any lead vendor I’ve worked with. In fact, I currently only work with EverQuote because my retention rate with policies I’ve been able to write with EverQuote has gone from 40% to 65% in less than a year. EverQuote renewed my belief that there are still quality internet lead vendors." —Bob M., Illinois

“I have closed one-third of the EverQuote leads I’ve worked with and plan to increase my marketing.”

“We get our best quality leads from EverQuote. I have closed one-third of the EverQuote leads I’ve worked with and plan to increase my marketing on the Choice Leads platform." —Ed A., Alaska

“EverQuote has enabled us to connect with consumers who are truly intentful.”

“EverQuote has provided me with the best quality leads. Unlike any other vendor we have worked with, we have been able to quote the majority of the leads we have purchased from EverQuote. EverQuote has enabled us to connect with consumers who are truly intentful.” —Amber R., West Virginia

“Lead quality with vendors started out great but went down very quickly—that is not the case with EverQuote.”

“EverQuote leads have proven to be truly organic real-time leads. In my past experience, lead quality with vendors started out great but went down very quickly—that is NOT the case with EverQuote. We have had a great success rate and have been able to close more policies than with other vendors we’ve worked with. I’m very happy with our experience with EverQuote and would recommend to fellow agents!” —Andrew F., Florida

“They have the highest quality leads I have seen with any lead vendor.”

“EverQuote has the highest quality leads I have ever seen with any lead vendor. When I signed up with EverQuote I was able to close four policies with a single lead who had been one of the first few consumers I had spoken with. I instantly knew that I was working with a great lead vendor. They have surpassed my expectations.” —Corey P., Maryland

“During my first month, I closed 33% of my leads with a great response ratio.”

“During my first month with EverQuote, I closed 33% of my leads with a great response ratio. I’m definitely keeping EverQuote as a staple part of my marketing.” —Peyton P., Arizona

“Their account management team always follows up with my requests and checks in with me.”

“I have been using EverQuote's live leads for the past few months, and so far my experience has been great. Not only do they have great lead quality, but their customer support is absolutely fantastic. From the very beginning they have been informative and helpful. Their account management team always follows up with my requests immediately and checks in with me periodically to see how things are going.” —Kevin T., Florida

“My conversion ratio is the highest with them. We've also been able to multi-line a large portion of our leads.”

“I have been using EverQuote's leads for nearly a year, and my experience has been extremely positive. The lead quality is much higher than any other internet lead provider I've used and my conversion ratio is the highest with them, too. We've also been able to multi-line a large portion of our leads. Whenever I have questions or concerns their support team is always super helpful and pleasant. To top things off, their platform is very user friendly and intuitive.” —Paul F., Illinois

“If you want to know how to sell leads and what leads you’re selling, you want to work with EverQuote.”

“EverQuote just has a better platform and better overall quality of the leads. I think what also separates EverQuote from the rest is the threshold they have. You combine that with the ease of use and EverQuote’s different package options—overall it’s a better product and experience than any other lead vendor.” —Nick M., Ohio

“I’m realizing just how valuable EverQuote leads are… I try to keep them on as much as possible. We’ve even talked about when we’re not going to turn them off anymore—because they are just so much better than our other leads.”

“I looked at the EverQuote stuff vs. [my previous lead vendor]—it’s like night and day. The return on investment, and just everything, is night and day. It’s so much better than anyone else we’re buying from. I’m realizing just how valuable these [EverQuote] leads are… I try to keep them on as much as possible. We’ve even talked about not turning them off anymore because they are just so much better than our other leads.” —Matthew G., Texas

“With EverQuote we’re talking about real leads—people who are shopping for insurance and not just trying to win an iPad online.”

“When I say EverQuote gives me ‘quality,’ I mean ‘quality business that will stay on the books.’ I think the filters you have really seem to work...we’re finding folks that are good risks. Having a dedicated Account Specialist has helped cement my relationship with EverQuote and made it much more convenient. I think the monthly calls are great because it shows accountability on both sides, and also makes me a little more analytical when I’m looking at the data on my own. The monthly calls really make me slow down and prepare. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d slow down enough to dig in and see my cost-per-household and other key data.” —Roger O., North Carolina

“EverQuote gives me the best overall ROI.”

“A lot of agents were given agencies or bought agencies, so they look at their ROI differently than I do. I look at my ROI as ‘I started with internet leads, and though I’m spending a certain amount every month, I have all these renewals coming in and that helps out with my ROI. Say I spend $100,000 with EverQuote in a year but I grow by around 600 policies—the following year, I have another $60,000 coming in from those policies on top of what I made in the first year.” —John H., Arizona

“I really like working with EverQuote data leads because of the business reviews and the ease of use.”

“I love the fact that each lead comes with so much information and that I don’t have to worry about returning them, not to mention the fact they are closer to $7 than $67.” —Sandra C., Georgia

“We have written almost our entire book of business from Everquote leads. No other company can compare.”

"Through the analysis and work done together, you have done more for my business than any other lead vendor has ever done, and I thank you for that. We have written almost our entire book of business from EverQuote leads. No other company can compare. They spend the money and time to attract real buyers. I love EverQuote and owe our business to the awesome leadership." —Ken S., Colorado

"I've always found EverQuote to 100% be the industry leader in quality of leads.”

"I've always found EverQuote to 100% be the industry leader in quality of leads. Now, with having a dedicated Account Manager, I feel they are easily the leader in customer relationship management as well. It's SO much easier, and way more friendly, to have a dedicated rep that knows me, and my agency's needs. Whether it's by email, or a quick phone call, no one will give you more personalized attention, and service, than someone who already knows you. Fortunately, I have Brianna Shea as mine, and already she's been able to more aptly improve areas of my account, as well as reliability, and the often ignored rapport that is always key to keeping solid business relationships. In the couple of months I've had her she has just tremendously upped the value added interaction today's changing industry requires. Well done EverQuote – and Brianna!" —John C., New York

“You really don't know how nice it is to deal with a real sales lead company until you deal with a real sales lead company.”

"EverQuote is such a refreshing breeze into our little firm. We are still fighting with 2 previous lead suppliers that are just subpar. You really don't know how nice it is to deal with a real sales lead company until you deal with a real sales lead company." —Keith R., Pennsylvania

“I won’t go to any other place!”

“I love the program I use with EverQuote, and I won’t go to any other place.” —Tricia P., Ohio

Agent-Specific Reviews From Happy Agents & Owners

Kyle [Van Cleef] was great at setting up my account! He answered all my questions and showed that he actually cared about growing my agency. Everquote’s LCS program is a game changer and I recommend signing up for it if you are buying their leads. I would highly recommend Kyle, Thomas, and EverQuote for any agency looking to build their book.” —Scott’s Premiere Insurance Solutions, North Carolina

“I love using EverQuote; Kyle Van Cleef has helped my whole team get set up and is very responsive anytime we need help with anything pertaining to their system! I highly recommend using them.” —Gianni T., Michigan

Kyle Van Cleef has been tremendously helpful to me and my agents. I highly recommend him and EverQuote.” —Weston W., Washington

“I’ve worked with EverQuote for about six years. Overall, it’s a good company with profitable products and services. What took my opinion of EverQuote to the next level was my recent interaction with my EverQuote representative, Matt Ricker. I felt I was already familiar with the company and products, but Matt gave me both a deeper understanding and a bigger picture of all the ways EverQuote could help my business.” —Jake W., Georgia

“I recently joined the EverQuote AGP program and have increased my production dramatically! My rep Matt Ricker is the best, and Alex, from his team, has been amazing to work with.” —Derrek A., Texas

Matt Ricker is a tremendous asset to EverQuote. He helped me develop highly successful processes with EverQuote leads to help us write more than $8 million in premiums! He is professional, highly skilled with leads and lead processes, and understands how to help agents find success with EverQuote.” —Buna M., North Carolina

Matt Ricker was great and helped us with our marketing needs. We are crushing new business—thanks, Matt!” —Rigo F., Texas

Matthew Ricker might be the greatest help I’ve ever had looking into insurance data leads and call transfers. His knowledge in the industry is unmatched, and he’s a really great person. EverQuote is our top insurance partner for any of our policy needs.” —Scott A., Colorado

Matt Ricker has been a great resource for us, and is assisting us with our marketing strategy. Thanks, Matt!” —Justin S., Texas

Matt Ricker and EverQuote have been amazing partners for my insurance agencies. I get asked all the time how I sell so much each month—I always tell them it’s not a secret, just call EverQuote and talk to Matt! There isn’t anyone I trust more with my marketing.” —Jason F., Texas

Matt Ricker is the most helpful agent. He is prompt and helps in any way possible. I highly recommend EverQuote if you want to upscale your agency.” —Tracy O., Florida

“I have been using EverQuote for almost two years now and have built my agency from these leads. My rep Tim Sharpe has been very helpful!” —Tasha F., Missouri

Timothy Sharpe at EverQuote has been helping me grow my agency for a few years now and is always on point. He answers all my questions promptly and has always given me the best advice on what steps I should take with lead choices. Now as a District Manager here in SA, Timothy is now helping me grow my teams agencies. I've been a client of several lead vendors and have had some bad experiences when it comes to quality leads and the service from that specific lead vendor. I would highly recommend Timothy and his team at EverQuote.” —Frank V., Texas

“EverQuotePro has been a part of my marketing plan for years. The level of service and the value we receive is worth it. My advisor, Christian, reviews leads data with me monthly and helps me make strategic decisions with my marketing. Production has increased considerably year over year.” —Clifton O., Louisiana

“We opened our Allstate Agency with EverQuote almost 2 1/2 years ago in their AGP program and have been a partner ever since. They provide us the best leads we have found in the industry (tried 13 companies) and their live lead transfers have resulted in a 30% close rate. Our consultant Christian Hidirsah has been awesome too. Highly recommend.” —Ron S., Georgia

“I have been working with EverQuote for sometime now. The knowledge and interaction from the Customer Success Managers is Amazing. Brian Gallagher always makes him available and always brings valuable insight to maximizing our results. He is a total Pro. Also HUGE shout out to Christian H.” —Michael B., Pennsylvania

Ready to try EverQuote for yourself?

Trying to grow your business without high-quality leads is a frustrating, expensive exercise. If you’re wondering where to find those leads, you’re in the right place.

These EverQuote reviews from agents across the U.S. are just a small sample of the thousands of agents and producers who trust our data-driven lead generation process to help them increase their contact and bind rates. (Your results may vary!) But don’t just take their word for it—try it out for yourself. Contact us today to get started!

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