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Do You Really Want The Cheapest Auto Insurance Leads?

Do You Really Want The Cheapest Auto Insurance Leads?

With COVID bringing a temporary pause to community networking, auto insurance agents have had to seriously rethink how they maintain their outbound prospecting levels. Many have returned to cold calling methods, and are seeking out other ways to get auto insurance leads that can keep their salespeople busy.

With countless auto insurance lead companies out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you fire up Google and search for internet leads for auto insurance? Maybe you reach out to other agencies for their recycled lists? Or maybe you're so overwhelmed by the options that you simply go with the cheapest auto insurance leads you can find.

While purchasing the cheapest auto insurance leads might be the easiest route right out of the gate, it may not always be your smartest choice over the long run—here's why.

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Three Reasons Why the Cheapest Auto Insurance Leads May Not Be Your Best Bet

1. The information they contain could be inaccurate and out of date.

An online form is a method of lead generation designed to gather personal information that can help salespeople connect to possible buyers. The problem with these forms is that, oftentimes, the people filling them out are just looking to quickly generate a ballpark quote so they can start shopping. Because they're in a hurry, they may input inaccurate information, or worse, fill the form out at random because they're in a rush for information.

Further, you can't always be sure that the information is current—since filling out the form they may have moved to a different city, gotten married, had a baby, or switched jobs. Because you can't be sure of the integrity of the information, it makes reaching out to these leads highly risky.

There's nothing worse than a salesperson calling to offer you a product that you're not looking for, have already bought, or simply don't need. It's a waste of everyone’s time, and can even produce a negative reaction that will deter the prospect from working with you in the future.

2. The leads could be recycled.

Agencies frequently reuse and recycle lists because that's the only way they can keep the price down. While this might sound smart in theory to an agent who's looking to up their call volume, in practice, you may end up wasting a whole lot of time calling leads based on incorrect information or pestering people who aren't interested.

The truth is, these risks are an issue with high-quality leads, too, but even more so with recycled lists.

3. The lead may not have even been shopping for insurance.

Vendors will sometimes purchase leads from third parties (aggregators for example) that may or may not be specifically filling out forms for insurance. In fact, prospects may have filled out a form under the auspices of entering a drawing or contest, or responding to some sort of other incentive, with little to no interest in receiving an insurance quote.

What’s the alternative?

Instead of chasing the cheapest auto insurance leads, focus your efforts on building a partnership with a reputable lead generator that is fully invested in your success over the long run: EverQuote.

Get Real-Time Leads

With EverQuote, you can avoid the inaccuracy challenges associated with cheap auto insurance leads. Our leads are 100% real time and are never recycled. This is a huge advantage, as most aggregators resell leads over and over, diluting the quality. Our goal is always to increase the quality of not just the lead, but the contact.

Get Support Every Step of the Way

EverQuote’s success is completely determined by your success as an agent or agency. With programs in place to help with straight data leads or warm transfers, we can ensure that you're getting customized support designed to help you succeed.

Take your prospecting game one huge step further with EverQuote's Lead Connection Service (LCS). We call the leads consistently and pass them over to you when they are ready to make a purchase, freeing up your team from telemarketing and focusing them on closing new business.

On the back end, EverQuote's Accelerated Growth Program (AGP) performs extensive data analysis to pinpoint areas that aren't working well (for example, maybe you struggle with certain age groups) so you can either eliminate or focus on the problem spots to boost your productivity and success.

Forget deliberating over the cheapest auto insurance leads. Instead, join forces with a partner invested in your success. With EverQuote Pro, you have complete control, customization, and can even pause your account with the click of a button. Want to see what it looks like? Click here to get a tour of the software with one of our experts.

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Todd joined EverQuote in 2016, first as an Account Executive before being moving into a role as Customer Success Manager and then promoted to Business Consultant in EverQuote's Accelerated Growth Program (AGP). Along with his unique character and skillset, Todd brings a decade of experience in serving customers to his role at EverQuote. He holds a B.A. from Salem State, M.F.A. from Naropa University and is the lead singer of a band in his free time.

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