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We're thrilled to announce EverQuote’s virtual conference – BIND 2022 – will be taking place on Thursday, February 10, 2022 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern (10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Central / 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM Pacific)! BIND 2022 will feature some of the country’s top insurance agents, speakers, and thought leaders sharing their insights and expertise specifically for insurance agents and producers. You’ll hear from an amazing line-up of speakers as they discuss the strategies and best practices that have helped them find success. And you’ll learn how top insurance professionals have been able to motivate their teams and adapt, adjust, and continue to grow their agencies amidst an industry (and world) that is constantly changing. Any captive or independent insurance agent, producer, or team member who wants to learn from the best should reserve a FREE spot! In addition, all attendees will receive a digital “swag bag,” with thousands of dollars in savings and discounts from our amazing sponsors!

BIND 2022 kicks off at 11:00 AM Eastern (10:00 AM Central / 8:00 AM Pacific) with our first speakers, Role Play at the Olson Agency, and their new presentation “From Hello to Bind,” which takes us step-by-step through an entire sales call with a lead, focusing on talk tracks that you can use to take the conversation from “Hello” to bound policy. If you’re not familiar with Role Play at the Olson Agency, you are in for a treat, as Jeremy Olson (owner of The Olson Agency and the #1 agent in the country with his carrier), Kristin Isaacson (Team Coach and General Manager at The Olson Agency), and their team bring us a highly engaging and informative live role play of a sales call with a lead. Kristin’s career in sales spans over 20 years, working at companies such as Nordstrom, US Bank, MetLife, and Dale Carnegie Training. Jeremy has been an agency owner with his current company since 1997 and is a big believer in agents learning from one another. “From Hello to Bind” will highlight what it takes to take an insurance lead through an initial sales conversation and come out on the other end with a bound policy!

Following Role Play at the Olson Agency at 12:00 PM Eastern (11:00 AM Central / 9:00 AM Pacific) will be insurance coach (and founder of the Insurance Sales Lab), consultant, and agency owner Vlad Cherchenko. Vlad began his career in 2014 and within 9 months he developed a sales process that has helped him consistently write over 150 P&C policies a month as a single producer. For BIND 2022 he is presenting “The ‘6-Step Script' That Helps Insurance Agents Write 100-300 Policies a Month.” Since launching Insurance Sales Lab, Vlad has been teaching this script and sales process, and has seen his success replicated by hundreds of other agents across the country. During BIND 2022 he will be walking us through this process and showing us how agents can adapt and apply it to their specific contexts to achieve huge results.

For our third session – starting at 12:35 PM Eastern (11:35 AM Central / 9:35 AM Pacific) we are very excited to be hosting a panel focusing on three different agents who have each found massive and sustainable success: “How Allowing Producers to Sell (Instead of Prospecting) Helped Transform My Agency.” This panel will feature agency owners Pat Seidl and Caden Bradbury (who are captive with different companies), and independent agent Buna Mandell. At BIND 2020, we introduced our Lead Connection Service (or LCS). Now over a year later, we’ll be showing you how LCS has made life easier and driven massive growth for agents like Pat, Caden, and Buna all over the country (and in a range of different scenarios).

Our fourth session at 1:35 PM Eastern (12:35 PM Central / 10:35 AM Pacific) with captive agency owner Danielle Waller (of Weaver Sales Academy) will focus on the impact that social media can have for agents. When it comes to social media, how would you rate you or your agency’s proficiency? If you ask most insurance agents, you’re generally not going to get a bunch of high ratings. For many agents, their social media presence is limited to an agency Facebook with periodic posts. If creating an amazing social media presence (that actually helps drive business) feels like something that’s out of reach, this next session will show you how achievable it can be! Join Danielle Waller as she presents “How I Went from Scratch to #1 by Creatively Building My Brand (Without Breaking the Bank).” Danielle will walk us through how she’s been able to leverage her social media accounts to help with everything from hiring new producers and team members, to building relationships with local business owners, to promoting events hosted by her agency in the community. Danielle has used social and creative marketing tactics to help her go from scratch agent to #1 in her territory in just one year.

For our fifth session of the day, starting at 2:10 PM Eastern (1:10 PM Central / 11:10 AM Pacific), our next speaker will teach you how to “Adapt, Thrive and Overcome” in any situation that business (or life) throws your way! As a former member of law enforcement and the United States Marine Corp (before becoming an insurance agent), Steve Wilmer knows that no matter how much you plan, life and business will always throw you a curveball. As a sales coach, keynote speaker, author and president of the Risk Advisor Institute powered by Steve Speaks, Steve does it all and will show you how you can adapt and overcome the challenges you will regularly face in an industry and world that are constantly shifting and changing.

Next up at 2:45 PM Eastern (1:45 PM Central / 11:45 AM Pacific) is a can’t-miss session with renowned insurance sales trainers Craig Wiggins and Joseph Puckett of Craig Wiggins Consulting (CWC): “How to Get the Most Out of Your Team.” For many insurance agents, hiring, training, retaining, and driving consistent performance from team members has always been a challenge. Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the so-called “Great Resignation” this challenge has become even more pronounced. During this session, Craig and Joseph will share tips that you can start implementing in your agency right away to drive the best performance out of your team, and keep them happy, motivated, and consistently performing so you can crush your goals this year (and beyond).

For our final presentation of the day, starting at 3:20 PM Eastern (2:20 PM Central / 12:20 PM Pacific) renowned sales coach (and former Sales & Marketing Manager for Grant Cardone’s Cardone Training Technologies) Jordan Stupar – founder and CEO of Stupar Sales Academy – starts by asking us all a powerful question: “Sales Has Evolved… Have You?” During this presentation Jordan will discuss how agency owners and sales producers have to think outside the box of “traditional” selling and initiate major changes to make themselves more accessible and better serve their customers.

Wait…one last thing before you go! At 3:55 PM Eastern (2:55 PM Central / 12:55 PM Pacific) we’ll be announcing our first ever winner of the EverQuote Impact Award during our closing ceremony. This award will be given to an agent who has gone above and beyond for their community during the past year. We hope you will join us in celebrating this achievement!

We can’t wait for you to join us and hope you’re as excited as we are for these amazing presentations. As a reminder, BIND 2022 is completely free and you can register HERE or click the button below. And don’t forget: BIND 2022 attendees will also receive a digital SWAG bag with huge savings and discounts from our fantastic sponsors! See you there!Join EverQuote for a day to learn from industry-leading agents and insurance professionals! Reserve your FREE spot below for February 10, 2022!!


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