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A Better Alternative To Aged Auto Insurance Leads

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to add leads to your insurance agency’s sales pipeline, you may think purchasing aged auto insurance leads is the only (or best) route to go. After all, they’re relatively cheap and give your producers something to do, so it’s a good call, right? Well…not always! Connecting with aged insurance internet leads can be time-consuming and stressful—and ultimately end up costing more than you paid for little-to-no ROI.

The better option? Choosing EverQuote’s lead connection service.

EverQuote’s Lead Connection Service (LCS) is a solution that can reduce stress on your producers and save time, while also helping you bind more policies. EverQuote’s LCS is ideal for insurance agencies with aggressive sales growth goals, as well as for agencies looking for a partner to help them bring in leads—whether they’re behind in their sales goals; they don’t have comprehensive processes in place to work leads, or their staff just isn’t highly proficient at working leads that do come in.

EverQuote’s LCS can immediately benefit your business, with bind rate increases up to 20 percent and the ability to work up to 50 percent more leads. To learn more, simply fill out the form to the right—we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

If you’d like to learn more about how EverQuote’s home and auto insurance lead connection service works, keep reading.

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A Better Alternative To Aged Auto Insurance Leads

How EverQuote’s Lead Connection Service Works

Lead Connection Service Vs. Aged Auto Insurance Leads: Why LCS Is Best

We immediately call every lead.

Our top-notch telemarketing team works your leads for you using a consistent cadence for each and every call. With LCS, we contact within 30 seconds, and continue to reach out for seven days. With aged leads, you don’t have the guarantee of the quality of leads—or the team to help you work them.

We do the telemarketing for you.

Because your team isn’t on the phone telemarketing, your producers can focus on selling. With LCS, your staff has the time to work up to 50 percent more leads, focusing on binding policies and delivering more premium instead of being on the phone, hoping to connect.

We deliver more prospects to your database for continued follow-up.

Because you get the data for every single purchased lead—in fact, even the leads we don’t transfer are sent to you—you can build your prospect database and connect with them in the future, when they’re ready for you. That’s a huge benefit with LCS that you simply don’t have when you purchase aged insurance leads alone.

What Agents Are Saying About Lead Connection Service

“In less than 4 months with LCS, I’ve brought in over $80,000 in premium. A typical first-year agent [with my carrier] is looking to do about $100,000 to $120,000 a year. I’d say I’m pretty happy.”

Dustin Wadlow, Captive Agent

“Lead Connection Service is like having telemarketers inside your own facility...managed by folks who understand the process...The quality of leads you’ve been transferring has been extremely high, and it’s been very beneficial for us.”

Mark Fragos, Captive Agent

“LCS is basically replacing an employee for my agency. Since we are a new agency, it would be difficult to afford adding another full-time producer, but LCS helps us do more with less.”

Jim Judson, Captive Agent

Learn More About EverQuote’s Lead Connection Service

Start taking advantage of a best-in-class telemarketing team without the extra costs. We’d love to walk you through our Lead Connection Service and explain how it could help grow your insurance agency. Simply choose a time to meet on our calendar, and a member of the EverQuote sales team will be in touch with you soon.


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