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Achieving Digital Balance in an Agency


In today’s era of digital technology, it can often seem like just when we get used to one software, a “new and improved” product is released and it can be hard to keep up. The insurance industry of course, is not immune to this, and with the constant influx of new technology, agents may resist implementing new tech and stick with older, more traditional approaches. However, the key to many agencies' success comes from a blend of both old practices and new, especially when it comes to technology.

In this article (published on Insurance Thought Leadership), Duke Williams, founder of Simply Easier Payments gives us tips on how to balance your digital usage and footprint, while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your agency. Williams breaks this down into five categories: internal communication, documentation and workflow, marketing, customer service and sales, and data. To read more about levering these and working towards a digital balance, check out the full article here: https://www.insurancethoughtleadership.com/achieving-digital-balance-in-an-agency/

To learn more, read the entire article here from Duke Williams: https://www.insurancethoughtleadership.com/achieving-digital-balance-in-an-agency/

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Olivia is the current Content Marketing intern for EverQuote's Agency Business. She is working towards obtaining her BA in English and BS in Marketing from Clemson University.

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