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The Five Biggest Mistakes Agency Leaders Make


Making mistakes is an inevitable part of running an insurance agency (or any business for that matter). However, mistakes can also provide great learning and growth opportunities. Brent Kelly, vice president at Sitkins Group, Inc., highlights five common mistakes that insurance agency leaders often make and provides suggestions for moving beyond these blind spots. While these are not the only mistakes leaders can make, Kelly notes these as some of the most common- and fixable. 

Recognizing your agency's blindspots is vital for moving beyond past mistakes. As Kelly shares, "Once you are aware of them, you can make adjustments to keep them from holding you back." Read more about the five biggest mistakes agency leaders can make and how to avoid them here: https://www.agencynation.com/the-five-biggest-mistakes-agency-leaders-make/

To learn more, read the entire article here from Brent Kelly: https://www.agencynation.com/the-five-biggest-mistakes-agency-leaders-make/

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