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2021: The Great Reset in Insurance


Plenty has been written about COVID-19, but with the end within sight, what is still unclear is how different the post-pandemic world will be as a result, especially in the insurance industry. 2020 saw changes in thoughts and behaviors such as continued work-from-home's impact on the auto-industry or the surge in life-insurance. These and many more changes will be significant, numerous, and likely permanent. The events of last year spurred digital innovation and a desire for corporate social responsibility of the environment and diversity. In the end, 2021 will be the year of empathy and a great insurance reset. So, what should you expect from 2021 as an insurance agent?  


Read the entire article here from Stephen Applebaum of Insurance Solutions Group: https://live-i-t-l.pantheonsite.io/2021-the-great-reset-in-insurance/

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