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12 Habits of Successful Insurance Agents


Have you ever wondered what really successful agents do that the other agents don’t? What new habits can you adopt to bring your agency to the next level? Look no further, we have a list of 12 habits to help you sell more policies and retain a loyal base of clients.  

    1. Willingness to Fail
      If you put yourself out there when the chances of succeeding are low, you'll master talking to people who weren’t even looking to switch or buy insurance. It is important to approach every meeting accepting the risk of failing. A failed sale may be a later success as an ex-date at renewal! 

    2. Always be Available
      It is crucial to make as much contact with prospects and clients as possible. By answering all calls and emails within 24 hours, if not as soon as possible, your clients will feel like they matter. Building this relationship will help prevent losing them to a competitor with a better price. 

    3. Surrounding Yourself with Other Successful People
      Success is something that is truly contagious. You will become what you choose to surround yourself with, whether that be other driven, motivated and successful people or couch potatoes. Even if your friends are in other industries, you will develop motivation that will drive your agency higher.  

    4. Setting Self Assessment Meetings
      It's normal for others to check in with our progress, so why not hold yourself to the same? Schedule time (weekly, biweekly or monthly) to compare your current  progress with that of last month, quarter and year. Tracking more metrics allows you to get a bigger picture of your growth. Take note of what tactics drove both your successes and your failures to help adapt your strategy moving forward. 

      Check out the rest of the tips and the full article from Fran Majidi of Smart Financial: https://smartfinancial.com/agents/blog/habits-of-successful-insurance-agents


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